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Our Mission

Transformed Life Ministry’s mission is to serve male ex-prisoners and deportees, by providing safe transitional housing, developmental and rehabilitation programmes, to promote healthy reintegration into society.

Our Vision

Transformed Life Ministry will be a centre of excellence in the provision of services to ex-prisoners deportees, and socially displaced individuals; who require rehabilitation for the betterment of themselves and the greater good of the community.


Our Philosophy

The philosophy at TLM is one of empowerment and responsibility. The Ministry wants to ensure that residents leave the facility rehabilitated, empowered and self-sufficient. The residents should not only be capable of taking care of themselves, but also accepting the responsibility of providing for their families and giving back to the community


About Us

Transformed Life Ministry was born nineteen (19) years ago, through the vision and determination of founder Glen Awong. The founder’s mission was derived from his personal experience and socialization with prisoners. While serving a seven-year term at the Golden Grove Prison, Pastor Awong answered the call from God and started his ministry within the prison walls.

Despite adverse conditions and lack of resources, Glen ministered to the spiritual needs of the prisoners with a strong desire to impart the new found grace and message of God’s redeeming and restoration powers, that can change the ‘worst’ individual and remove the stains left behind from a life without God.

His genuine concern for his fellow inmates and perseverance brought about a significant and noticeable change within the prison. The Transformation had Begun!!

The prison officials welcomed and supported the efforts of inmate Awong, and he was released early for good behaviour. Purposed he set out with a renewed vigour to ensure that the work was continued, through visitation and hosting of Bible classes with his former inmates and also sought a physical location to house them when they were released from prison.


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Transformed Life Ministry seeks to rehabilitate ex-prisoners and deportees through creating a safe and peaceful environment. The organization provides shelter, food, clothing, counselling, and a number of skills development and training programs.

TLM offers a three- month “resting period” in which ex-prisoners are housed in one of the nine housing units. During this time they are counselled and encouraged to “rest and meditate” and have a choice amongst a number of training programs for their personal development. Counselling sessions are mandatory and after the three-month period, they are re-evaluated by their assigned counsellor to determine whether they have been satisfactorily rehabilitated to return to their families and re-enter into the community.

Part of the process to reintegrate the ex-inmates into the community is by slowly acclimatizing them to the public, re-introducing them to the feeling of not being confined or locked away; they will be allowed from time to time to run errands within close proximity if the facility or taken on supervised outings.

TLM also attempts to reunite the ex-convicts with their families since, many times; families disown them because of their socially unacceptable lifestyles. The Ministry encourages the ex-prisoners’ children to visit on assigned days, in order to develop and grow strong bonds with their parents. Furthermore, TLM has incorporated an outreach programme where counsellors try to close the gap of anger and anguish that separates ex-prisoners and their victims. The Ministry additionally teaches a series of trades and self improvement courses.





My name is James I am twenty-nine years old. I started smoking drugs in 2005 and was an addict; having smoked for about four and a half years. I passed through other well-known institutions but the longest I ever stayed was a month. I reached to the peak where I was even admitted into St. Ann’s Hospital to refrain from taking drugs; but no matter where I went, it ended the same way; I left.

I came to Transformed Life Ministry in 2009 and since then, I was able to get one-on-one counselling, helping me to refrain from substance use and abuse; learning that my addiction is a disease and is curable; that once an addict is not always and addict. I also met and related with other people who were addicts and most important building a relationship with God.

I am still at Transformed Life Ministry and my goal is to take it one day at a time, work with the Ministry to help others see the vision. Thanks to Pastor Awong, Mrs. Awong, and Transformed Life Ministry for the helping me rearrange my life for the better.


My name is Doram. I started drinking alcohol and then began smoking marijuana. I also ended up drinking Bay Rum and Mentholated Spirits. I had no control over myself; I had become addicted to alcohol and narcotics. My family took me to an Obeah man for a bush bath; which did not work. They took me to various institutions, but nothing worked for me. I lost my job three (3) times, and everything spiralled downhill. I then tried to throw myself under cars and trucks; in other words, I tried to commit suicide. I also stole from my family and sold whatever I’d steal to support my addiction I did not want to see my family, but just wanted to see my friends to get my “stuff”. I nearly died several times. At that point in my life, I recognized that I had an inner problem.

My family brought me to Transformed Life Ministry where I met Pastor Glen Awong. He ministered and counselled me. I accepted the change and decided to follow up. Since then, Transformed Life Ministry has lighted up my life in a great positive way. Presently, I am one month clean and doing very well. I thank God for Pastor Glen Awong and his Ministry. I have decided to make a life change with the help of Transformed Life Ministry, and I wish to help others that are in the same situation.Praise God.


My name is Capildeo. I was, at one time, living a very ungodly life. I stole from people, smoked marijuana, and was always rude and disrespectful to others. I ended up in prison where I served three (3) years. While there, I met Pastor Glen Awong who introduced me to Transformed Life Ministry. After leaving prison, I was homeless and had no one to turn to. So I went to Transformed Life Ministry where I was welcomed with open arms and provided with shelter, clothing and food; and was also introduced to very high moral and spiritual values. My life was then “transformed” to the image and the likeness of God. During my stay at the Ministry for the past three (3) years I have experienced a change in my life, and I have begun to help the persons who are victims of my wrongdoings in the past and lead them in a new direction. I now work as a Security (SXIR) Officer and still provide my service by helping others at the Ministry to be transformed. Presently, I am experiencing a transformed and happy life, and intend to live this way for the rest of my life.


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